We all know what an incredibly difficult year 2020 has been. The death toll from Covid 19 has been staggering, the fallout in economic and other matters, tragic.


Discouragement and depression have impacted Christians, people of other faiths and people of no faith. Many are depressed, feeling stressed out by Christmas, and not feeling much hope for 2021 in the days ahead.

Christmas Hope is designed to counter these feelings with a six-hour radio special airing on both Christian and secular radio outlets between midnight ET Christmas Eve and 6 AM Christmas Morning. Hosted by veteran radio personality Don Hawkins, (Minirth-Meier Clinic, Back to the Bible, Life Perspectives, Encouragement Live) Christmas Hope will feature live call-in’s, guests from Christian media offering words of encouragement and hope, devotional meditations, and appropriate Christmas music.

A team of faith-based life coaches will be on hand to talk with individuals who would benefit from further counsel and encouragement, and everyone who reaches out to Christmas Hope will receive an electronic copy of Don Hawkins’ book Overcoming Holiday Burnout.

Each person we talk with on air will be offered a copy of Dr. Hawkins’ 265-page book Never Give Up.

Radio outlets include secular powerhouse WABC (covering eight states) and a sister station covering Long Island, 31 owned-and-operated Salem major market stations, plus The Worship Channel internet radio, with listeners in all 50 states plus 191 additional countries.

We are convinced that, given the number of people who will be struggling and discouraged about the past year and even the stresses leading up to Christmas, and who are anxious about what’s ahead, Christmas Hope can provide a significant dose of encouragement and hope to those who tune in.